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Here are some of the most common questions we get.

A: Frequently, roof problems arise immediately following rain or storms. Schedule roof inspections once or twice a year, can uncover damaged or missing shingles, deteriorated or damaged flashing and rotted pipe boots. Looking for excessive granules from the shingles in your gutters or at the bottom of the downspouts are signs of potential problems. Inside your home look for water stains on your ceiling, if you have them or start to see this contact a experienced roofing company immediately to avoid further problems and costly repairs.

You can have your current roof removed down to the sheathing and a new shingle roof installed. You also have the choice to have a new layer of shingles installed over the existing layer. We personally recommend that you never have more than 2 total layers, this is also many city and town building code requirements. If you are not sure how many layers of shingles you have, contact a Licensed and insured roofing company to examine and advise you of your options.

A new roof can last from 20 -40 years depending on the material used. Shingle warranties from manufacturers vary. you can read more at GAF Warranties. Metal manufacturers also vary based on materials used, check out North Carolina manufacturer: Triad Warranty.

Although we can not give the answer to that, you can get a free estimate. You will learn the cost for your exact roof, material options and warranty information, that will allow you to make the right decision for your home and budget.

Yes you can, but the answer is not that simple. Many warranties are void if certain products are not used and the installation is not done according to the manufacturer’s requirements. Also you need to think about the real possibility of getting hurt. Roofing companies carry insurances, which is very expensive, because the roofing insurance coverage covers property damage and workers. There are many more things to consider before trying to due repairs or installing a new roof yourself.

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