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“A Call Away Roofing” is a Residential Roofing co., with over three decades of experience in residential roofing services: Re-roofing, roof repairs, roof replacement for both shingle and metal roofs. Our repair professionals have the experience and knowledge that you can have confidence in to give you an well informed and unbiased recommendation as to what would be the best choice for your home.

A Call Away Roofing continues to provide residential roofing services to homeowners throughout North Carolina. Our professionals are going to examine your house roof structure and provide the right products to give you the most economical, long-lasting roofing solution available.

1st) The right materials is a primary factor towards a trouble free roof.
2nd) Is the installers and their knowledge.

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Homeowners throughout N.C. that we speak to on a daily basis think they only have 2 choices for their residential roofing project. The fact is, you have a 3rd, it is to combine Metal and Shingles to your home. If you have a porch area you can have metal installed to match the shingle on your main roof area of your residence. Let’s look at this image of a residential roofing project that combined both types of roof materials, shingles and metal.

Shingle Roof with Metal Porch Roof

Your roofing choices do not have to be limited to the old time standards of just shingles or metal.  Not sure what you want, try searching pinterest for residential roofing pictures of shingle & metal roofs, we are sure it will help your imagination.

Does it affect your warranty?, No. Material and labor warranties should be the same no matter what choice of roofing you choose.

Will it cost more?, Yes. Think about this, when the average roof lasts 30 years on average, you can figure the additional cost of $2500.00, really isn’t that expensive. This of example using $2500.00, needs to be divided by 30 years to find out your true cost, which is less than 85.00 per year. When it comes to this type of residential roofing, the added value to your home far exceeds the investment you make.

*These figures are used for simplicity of explaining and can be lower or much higher in actual costs. Depending  on your material choices, roof pitch and condition, as well as other factors like location.

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Whether you need a Roof Quote or emergency Roof Repair work, we are available to service your roofing needs. We offer affordable roofing services.

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