Finished Mobile Home Roof - Broadway, NC 27505

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New Cool Roof – Broadway, NC 27505
Finished Mobile Home Roof - Broadway, NC 27505

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As you can see in these before and after photos, this mobile home located in Broadway N.C. 27505, needed some work. We did several steps not shown here, sealing cracks and areas that leaked every time it rained.

This is a very in-expensive solution when done properly by a experienced roofing company, that can last for years. North Carolinians know that we always recommend the best roof solutions for their particular roof. We look at the roof type, the extent of damage, and then tell you what your choices are…. not all roofs can be successfully coated and you need to know that.

There are plenty of people/companies that do not have the proper knowledge, training and experience to properly diagnose what your roof can have done or not. These people have the best intensions most of the time, but just lack the knowledge and will go to Lowes or Home Depot buy products off the shelf and slap it up on your roof. Yes, it looks good at first, but always starts leaking a short time later.

The reason for this is, that they have not properly done an adhesion test, washed the roof correctly and did not know which material to use, that work with the roof coating they bought.

When you Contact Us, we will give you the facts… Good or Bad and the solution(s) that will work on your current roofing material.

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